torsdag den 6. december 2012

PEEPS!!! :D - skype

I'll be on Skype Saturday in the morning! if you want to Skype with me, i'll be on! i might not have time for everybody (i don't expect a lot of people to actually read this, but..) this means that i might tell you that i need to say goodbye when the conversation(s) dies! cause i have a lot of things to do to! but i might not be available in a long time in the future, so if you want to Skype with me, Saturday is your time to do it in / on!:)

my Skype name is: VMinFighter

if you add me, and i don't know you i might not accept you (to all the strangers who reads this!)

tirsdag den 4. december 2012

i just ask for one thing

I am trying my best to be a part of the culture here.. and i want to live MY life... this means without you, yes i might be talking to you, and i might still care about you, but don't pull me to denmark right now.. i only have 6 months left, and actually.. i don't want to go home, cause people in denmarks don't know who i am anymore, i have changed.. and even before that, they didn't know who i was, i didn't even know myself, and i have tried to figure out who i was my entire life, without getting an answer.. but that answer, has now got answerd! i know who i am, what i need, what i love and what i want. SO i only ask you about to be patient! cause i am already stuggeling with the thoughs of leaving my first and forever best friends, my life.. everything, so don't make me sad about actually missing you guys! cause if you care about me, they you will know that i care about you, and i think about you all the time. Even though i might not show it, you will be with me forever.

 (i just wanted i could move over here... don't get mad at me for my priorities)

that is the truth.. and i need sleep.. so goodnight peeps!

- stay tuned!

... If i get hurted, will you then be there to carry me around?

.. my back... i am so tired of having a cronic injury, cause it is just suddenly there, and then it just disappears!:( but well.. it exploded in my chem. class today, and i could sit down, i couldn't breath.. i couldn't do nothing!... it sucked! i had to go to the nurse, where i got to lay on ice, i felt so much more clever than the nurse, because i knew that what i actually should do, was heat.. but i didn't tell them that, that would be rude! i layed with ice for almost an hour, even though i know that you should only have it on for 20 min, max. it didn't help, but at least it made me skip my pe class!!!! i would do anything for not to run with that back! the lady gave me 3 pills, don't ask me which, but they made me so dissy, and tired.. so my english class was so weird for me, cause my head was spinning around, and right now we are making our essay for the finals, and if it isn't hard enough already.. i really don't understand what i am doing, it is just hard :(

after school i had work, and i only did it so kayte could look at my back. she did different stretches, and tests on me, but not of them where possitive (i am really flexible, don't ask me how i got flexible, cause i haven't been it for a long time!), so she just decided to let me lay with heat! later that day one of my friends had an injury, and he needed "electro stimulation" of the muscle (google it), and we kayte just tried it on us because we wanted to try it on full level, the first time i tried it, was really fun. It feels like your body is cramping, but the feeling is more like when your foot is sleeping, like that feeling of tickerling 'ish feeling. Second time she did it was fun to, except for that, when she turned it off.. i threw up! don't ask me how or why, i just did.. it was so weird. The pain i have in my back is a really sharp pain, and it hurts a lot, and it makes me sick so much it hurts, but i didn't expect it to actually make my stomach ready for thowing up!!!!!
i asked kayte 2 hours after, what she thought it could be, and she said that because i have that sharp pain, no reaction on the muscle tests, and the the pain is so painfull, and because i threw up, she would guess it was a discusolaps, but she couldn't say anything for sure... and if it continues, she would recommend me to go to a doctor and get a x-ray, just to make sure, especially if i was going to do sports! i got so sad.. i normaly don't listen to people when they say they think i have some kind of injury, cause if they aren't sure, i am not sure, and i don't have to worry about it then, but my emotions are just so unstable, because i keep thinking about that i am going home, and that i just want to stay here forever and never return... my life is wonderfull, and yes i miss some parts of my old life, but.. what i have now, is things that i have always dreamed of, and that i know i wont be able to get ever again :(... i don't want to cry now.. so, i'll end this now!

Varsity Banquet

On monday i went to the Varsity Banquet for football players, it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E it took whole 3 hours!!! it was crazy... but it was fun!
we went to a church where they had this awesome room with a stage and spotlight... basicly everything! and on their bathrooms... hold on now.. they had lotion, a huge mirror, 2 sofas, flowers and free tampons!!! i have never seen anything like it!
for dinner we had all kind of food, lasagna, pasta, bread, salad.. a lot of food
as drinks they had lemonade and water, and as dessert they had cheesecake, first cheesecake ever!!!! and i loved it :) it was so good, but i was already full.. that was kinda sad, cause i didn't have space for the whole cake that i got :(

after all the players got their diplomas, we got ours.. we where only 4 of us, but that was totally fine! i love my diploma, and i appreciate that i had the opputurnity to do sports med!

the banquet ended at 10 pm, and i got to go to bed, so late!!! :( but i mean.. it was a good day :)

Younglife camp!

Okay, so... i haven't been blogging in a long time now, so i thought i would do it.. (just shortly)

So what younglife basicly is, is that we go there, sing songs, have fun, play games and hear about good. As the most people know, i am pretty religious, and i believe in good, and i understand that other people believe in other things, that is just how i think.

so we went to the camp by bus, it took about 3 hours. (the bus was really luxurious!). SO we went there, and it was all dark and cold, but really beautiful  we went to a gym to play dutchball, and then we got our cabins and we went in there with our stuff. Right after that we went to our first club where we all just started accepting each other, and looked around to see who people was there. We went to bed laaate that night!

over the night we where freeezing, because our cabin didn't have heat, and because people showered the evening before, the cabin was kinda hot / warm, and i choose to take of my pants, cause then i wouldn't be so cold when i woke up! and ouch how i regret it! so bad... I died that night, i was like ice!

on Saturday we had fuuun! we woke up at 7 to get ready, and headed towards the eating "house"... we ate bacon and pancakes, yum!<3 they told us that we was the biggest camp ever in younglifes history, we where 620 people, and usually there are only about (max) 300-400 people!!!!!!
after this we had spear time, where we could do whatever, but the most people went to the little store, and believe it or not.. it was black Friday over again! imagine 200 people in one small.. not even a store, neither a shop.. but a small room! it was CRAZY!!!
after that we made some different activities such as playing soccer, and stuff..
after that we had lunch at about 12, we had burittoes, they eat it all the time here (because of mexico).
after that we had a club and then we talked about good in our cabins after that. Yet we still have plenty of time, so we had more spear time, and it was so much fun! my school had a rap battle against one of the other schools and we won BIG TIME!!!!:) my school rocks!
for dinner we had meat, potatoes and bread, and for dessert we had this awesome cookie ice cream thing!!!! i have never had anything like it, but oh my gosh it was good!!!!! i loved it
after dinner we had a club more, and after the club we had to sit outside in the cold, on the grass and think... i just started crying, cause i realized that i am going home in only 6 moths... and that hurts, a lot...
today we had a heater, so our room was at least a bit warmer than the day before!
on sunday we went home, in the same buses. it felt like it took longer to go to the camp, than it took to get back!
I didn't really want to go home, cause people where so nice and understandable there... and they had everything, good food, nice nature... i just loved it :)

and by the way.. they took all of our phones :)
- unfortunatly my phone is a prepaid phone, and i pay my phone myself, so i don't have internet or anything, and it didn't renew... i hate at&t so bad:( so i am living without a phone now!