tirsdag den 4. december 2012

i just ask for one thing

I am trying my best to be a part of the culture here.. and i want to live MY life... this means without you, yes i might be talking to you, and i might still care about you, but don't pull me to denmark right now.. i only have 6 months left, and actually.. i don't want to go home, cause people in denmarks don't know who i am anymore, i have changed.. and even before that, they didn't know who i was, i didn't even know myself, and i have tried to figure out who i was my entire life, without getting an answer.. but that answer, has now got answerd! i know who i am, what i need, what i love and what i want. SO i only ask you about to be patient! cause i am already stuggeling with the thoughs of leaving my first and forever best friends, my life.. everything, so don't make me sad about actually missing you guys! cause if you care about me, they you will know that i care about you, and i think about you all the time. Even though i might not show it, you will be with me forever.

 (i just wanted i could move over here... don't get mad at me for my priorities)

that is the truth.. and i need sleep.. so goodnight peeps!

- stay tuned!

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