tirsdag den 4. december 2012

Younglife camp!

Okay, so... i haven't been blogging in a long time now, so i thought i would do it.. (just shortly)

So what younglife basicly is, is that we go there, sing songs, have fun, play games and hear about good. As the most people know, i am pretty religious, and i believe in good, and i understand that other people believe in other things, that is just how i think.

so we went to the camp by bus, it took about 3 hours. (the bus was really luxurious!). SO we went there, and it was all dark and cold, but really beautiful  we went to a gym to play dutchball, and then we got our cabins and we went in there with our stuff. Right after that we went to our first club where we all just started accepting each other, and looked around to see who people was there. We went to bed laaate that night!

over the night we where freeezing, because our cabin didn't have heat, and because people showered the evening before, the cabin was kinda hot / warm, and i choose to take of my pants, cause then i wouldn't be so cold when i woke up! and ouch how i regret it! so bad... I died that night, i was like ice!

on Saturday we had fuuun! we woke up at 7 to get ready, and headed towards the eating "house"... we ate bacon and pancakes, yum!<3 they told us that we was the biggest camp ever in younglifes history, we where 620 people, and usually there are only about (max) 300-400 people!!!!!!
after this we had spear time, where we could do whatever, but the most people went to the little store, and believe it or not.. it was black Friday over again! imagine 200 people in one small.. not even a store, neither a shop.. but a small room! it was CRAZY!!!
after that we made some different activities such as playing soccer, and stuff..
after that we had lunch at about 12, we had burittoes, they eat it all the time here (because of mexico).
after that we had a club and then we talked about good in our cabins after that. Yet we still have plenty of time, so we had more spear time, and it was so much fun! my school had a rap battle against one of the other schools and we won BIG TIME!!!!:) my school rocks!
for dinner we had meat, potatoes and bread, and for dessert we had this awesome cookie ice cream thing!!!! i have never had anything like it, but oh my gosh it was good!!!!! i loved it
after dinner we had a club more, and after the club we had to sit outside in the cold, on the grass and think... i just started crying, cause i realized that i am going home in only 6 moths... and that hurts, a lot...
today we had a heater, so our room was at least a bit warmer than the day before!
on sunday we went home, in the same buses. it felt like it took longer to go to the camp, than it took to get back!
I didn't really want to go home, cause people where so nice and understandable there... and they had everything, good food, nice nature... i just loved it :)

and by the way.. they took all of our phones :)
- unfortunatly my phone is a prepaid phone, and i pay my phone myself, so i don't have internet or anything, and it didn't renew... i hate at&t so bad:( so i am living without a phone now!

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