tirsdag den 4. december 2012

Varsity Banquet

On monday i went to the Varsity Banquet for football players, it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E it took whole 3 hours!!! it was crazy... but it was fun!
we went to a church where they had this awesome room with a stage and spotlight... basicly everything! and on their bathrooms... hold on now.. they had lotion, a huge mirror, 2 sofas, flowers and free tampons!!! i have never seen anything like it!
for dinner we had all kind of food, lasagna, pasta, bread, salad.. a lot of food
as drinks they had lemonade and water, and as dessert they had cheesecake, first cheesecake ever!!!! and i loved it :) it was so good, but i was already full.. that was kinda sad, cause i didn't have space for the whole cake that i got :(

after all the players got their diplomas, we got ours.. we where only 4 of us, but that was totally fine! i love my diploma, and i appreciate that i had the opputurnity to do sports med!

the banquet ended at 10 pm, and i got to go to bed, so late!!! :( but i mean.. it was a good day :)

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