lørdag den 24. november 2012

Thanksgiving + Blackfriday

okay... i have had 2 really hard days!

on thanksgiving we went to teri's gandkids' aunt.. i don't know what she is to teri, but we have been there before. She lie far away from the town, and she have horses (17), dogs (9), Goats (3), chickens (around 10), Chicken kids (a lot), a roaster, donkeys (4).. and i think that was it. Their house is really small, but who cares when they have so many animals to love and take care of!
oh well.. but we went to their house at .. i think it ended out in 2:30. When we got there i immediately started riding the horses :) i love riding, and they think i am a good rider, because of my "position", because my back is as straight as it is!
after we had been riding the horses for 2 hours we went in and ate! T.U.R.K.E.Y! there where tons of food, but well.. we was like 14 people! we had: 2 turkeys (1 made in the oven and one made in a cooking machine), filling (don't have a clue about what was in it), some gross peas, mashed sweet potatoes (with cinnamon, tasted like sauerkraut, like my grandma made it), regular mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli salad (so good), jelly salad (gross.. i did't taste it), potato bread and i think that was it!:)
after we ate we went horse back riding again, just to make the time go. Carrigans mom (teris daughter) had to come with pies.
The pies was banana pie and chocolate pie, NO PUMPKIN?!?!?!? :( it was good tho.. i only ate the chocolate one.

at 7 we left their house, dropped of Gerlany at Agatas house, and went home. I packed before we left so all i needed was a shower. We went to Isabelas house, and they where all waiting for me. Our friend Nathan (think i wrote about him on my blog at isabelas birthday) was there, and we all went to jenees moms house and ate pie :) PUMPKIN PIE FOR ME!!!! heck yeah! and there was wiped cream on them! my life is now completed! pumpkin pie is good!

at 21 we went to target, cause isabala wished for an iPod touch (not the new one but 4'generation), so we stood in line for almost 2 hours, to get it :) but it was worth it, and we had so much fun! we where isabela, Nathan, me and one of their friends. we just laughed all the time about all kind of stuff!

we got picked up at around 1 am and we where really tired, on an untired way! we got home at about 2 and went to bed at 2:30!
we woke up again at 5:45 to get ready for chandler mall, where we where going shopping :) they opened at 6, but we went there at 7:20 or something. I expected people to go crazy but they didn't! well.. on thursday night people waited in long lines to get in, but that was it! no body seemed to get killed! (as i got told they would).
apple opened at 8, and i we waited outside the store. When the "gate" opened they clapped of it, haha! it was so funny! i bought it for $1530 or something.. which is cheaper than in Denmark, for sure! I bought the 13" 2.9 GHz and i love it!

later we walked the entire mall, and it ended out in 3 pair of pants (1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of leggings and 1 pair of jogging pants) + 1 shirt and 5 pair of panties :) i love them! they all just fit me, and they are so warm!

at 2:45 jenee came and picked us up. we went home, and i got homesick.. i just felt so sick (might be because of missing sleep), so i decided to sleep away from it! i woke up again at 8 and ate McDonalds for dinner. I played with my new macbook and went to sleep at 12:20 am or something :)

2 awesome days!

-sorry for the missing pictures but 1. i don't have my camera "stick" to connect it to the computer 2. i am having problems with connecting the sd card to the computer 3. i didn't really take that many pictures and 4. my camera is acting weird right now!:(

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