lørdag den 24. november 2012

3 months

It is today exactly 3 months since i left Denamark!

even though USA isn't as it is in the movies, it is still awesome! i love it! every single little thing!

i feel like i am living a fairytale, and this might hurt my danish friends and family, but everything i have always wished for, is something that i have got now! i have an awesome life, i have amazing friends, people who love me for who i am, not what i wear, i have the opportunity to ride horses, i have good grades, my own room... and i can play tennis! i could even keep on going! This is not a year in my life... this is a life in a year!

1 kommentar:

  1. I'm so happy that everything is so great :D
    I hope that you evjoy everything will it lasts ;)
    - and i hope that i will be just as happy :D!!!