mandag den 19. november 2012

Gilbert Parade

I have tried to get these pictures up on the blog since saturday, but my google chrome keept crashing!!!

i hope this one will work!

the gilbert parade was so fun! I went there with kenny, and we only expected it to be like 1 hour, but it lasted for 2!

He walked me home, and teri and gerlany just started the movie "the advengers", it was pretty good and the danish person scarlett johanson was in it :)

in the evening my friend Mine hold her birthday :) we went to "Outback" which is a steak house, but i got ribs.. it was so delicious! after that.. it was like.. 11 pm?! but well.. we decided to go to the theater and watch "twillight breaking dawn part II". it was really good, even though i didn't understand half of what happend, i mean, i didn't seen it or read it! but it was still good! i went home at.. i think it was ´between 1 and 2 am! i wasn't even that tired. But i didn't go to chuch the following day, so it is okay :)

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