tirsdag den 11. december 2012

update! 11/12-12

It is today the 11. .....

I hope that something magic will happen tomorrow at 12.12.12 12.12.12 :) that would be so cool!

Oh well.. i hold my nose down, cause i am not even sure people know it is the 12.12.12 tomorrow! haha:)

i haven't been blogging for a long time now, and i just wanted you guys to know that i am doing great! I feel kinda homesick right now because i feel like some of my friends don't care about me anymore.. and that hurts! it makes me think so much about what i left in Denmark  and how much i miss some of you guys! + all of the things i am missing.. my boyfriends driver license, 1. Christmas with my boyfriend, my dog's 2. years birthday, my dads 60 years birthday, my sisters 18, my own 16, first valentine with my boyfriend, etc.! :( i feel like i am skipping so much!

I hope i'll feel better soon! usually i would have been in christmas mood for more than a month, but i am still not there yet! this is going to be a special year, that is for sure. They don't do anything out of new year, neither do they do out of christmas.. ofcourse they do something, it is just not as much as we do! we can kinda say that my christmas is on saturday, cause that is when we are going to gather together with the entire family, eat and do stuff... i miss my family, friends and boyfriend more and more.. it's hard...

I love you guys!

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