onsdag den 7. november 2012

slow blogger..

This blog is on english from now and on.. i have decided that this blog isn't the most important to me right now, and that i will take it easy with everything danish! i love everything here, and i keep thinking about going home.. cause honestly? if i could stay.. i would (sorry danish people).. i still love my family, friends and boyfriend, but i have never felt more "real" or normal, than i do now. I feel like i have finaly found my spot in the world, and i am so scared of getting home, and feel like i lost that part of me..

i have changed, i have changed a lot! people say that you change because you grow up, and i believe that it is true, i feel like a totaly different person, and i didn't expect that to happen for me. I went here all by my self, no family, no friends, no nothing to keep me save. i broke my wall, a very big wall.. and it felt wrong in the start, but as time went by, i realized, that this was it! this was a once in a life time experience, and that i would do everything to get the best out of it!'

so don't expect me to blog often, or skype with me.. but one thing that you can make sure of, is that i am happy.. right where i am..

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