søndag den 11. november 2012

Arizona... is that you?

it is freeezing outside!!!!

It is going to be hot they said, you are gonna sweat they said....
I need pants! i need.. danish stores! ..... i need my clothes :(

I am so sad that i didn't bring my favorite h&m pants and some everlast, cause they are impossible to find here! h&m is a really small store here, and it feels like everything is so expensive, even though it is pretty cheep compared to danish stuff!
i feel like i need to save my money... everytime i walk into a store, i get this feeling of URGH.. their stores just feel weird, and uncomftable. It feels like everything is made "fake" and their stores have this bad smell. If I wasn't a bad shopper already! :(

I need... help... and some nice sweatpants! cause it is cooold!

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